• Prepare an Incident Response Plan and practice it regularly
  • Provide cyber security awareness training to all staff, ensuring a strong first line of defence
  • Implement, at a minimum, the following cyber security controls: Multi-Factor Authentication, off-site back-ups, and ensure to be able to recover business-critical data and systems in under 10 days

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  • Think about the businesses’ specific risks and ensure the selected cyber product addresses those risks
  • Partner with an experienced insurer with proven cyber experience
  • Integrate cyber insurance and risk management to minimize the impact of a cyber incident

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  • Follow your Incident Response Plan
  • Notify the insurance agent, broker or insurer of a potential claim. Remember time is of the essence
  • If provided by the cover, then access specialist incident response services, such as IT forensics services, extorsion services and PR & crisis communication services

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  • Early virus detection
  • Cyber awareness training
  • Off-site back-ups

  • Specialist incident response services
  • Tabletop exercise
  • Incident response plan

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