What type of business is it good for?

  • Severity and frequency risks with unique products and premises exposures
  • Significant cross-border exposure into the United States
  • Standalone general liability and/or excess liability, placed outside a commercial package
  • Companies with $25+ million in annual revenues
Officer Local underwriting and claims authority
/images/default-source/icons/svg/61.svg?sfvrsn=c18260ad_2 Broad risk appetite
/images/default-source/icons/svg/building.svg?sfvrsn=55c5ce37_4 Specialization in midsize and large accounts
When a company is exposed to legal liabilities caused by injury to others, or damage to the property of others, having casualty insurance coverage makes it possible to move ahead. From general liability insurance and product liability insurance on a primary basis to umbrella/excess liability insurance to cover above and beyond the limits of a primary liability policy, our specialty casualty insurance solutions combine data-driven insights with years of experience. We offer brokers and clients innovative solutions along with industry-specific expertise, and can tailor coverage to meet unique risk transfer needs.
  • Policy minimum premium is $10,000
  • Claims-made and occurrence policies
  • Worldwide coverage territory
  • Flexibility on GL deductibles and self-insured retentions
  • Flexibility on excess attachment points; no self-insured retention
  • Excess policies scheduling various primary liability policies:
    • General and products liability
    • Employer's liability and employee benefits liability
    • Non-owned auto liability
    • Owned auto and garage auto liability
    • Tenants' legal liability
  • Employee benefit liability
  • Employer's liability
  • Tenants' legal liability
  • Non-owned and hired auto liability
  • Pollution exclusion exception endorsements
  • Manufacturers' errors & omission
  • Product withdrawal expense
  • Garage keeper's legal liability

Primary liability

Commercial product manufacturers
  • Industrial machinery and equipment
  • Auto parts (Including critical)
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Energy and resource sector machinery and equipment
  • Chemicals
Consumer product manufacturers
  • Furniture
  • Food and beverage
  • Appliances
  • Exercise equipment
  • Electronics and technology products
Real estate and premises risk
  • Primary commercial occupancies
  • Banks and other financial institutions
  • Hotel and restaurant chains
Cultural institutions
Wholesalers,distributors,importers and retailers
Communications,media and technology companies
Professional services firms

Excess liability

All primary liability target classes
Forestry and pulp and paper
General and speciality trade contractors
Energy, power and utilities
Mining - surface

Not all insurance coverages or products are available in all states and policy terms may vary based upon individual state requirements. Issuance of coverage is subject to underwriting and coverage depends upon the actual facts of each case and the terms, conditions and exclusions of each individual policy. anyone interested in an insurance policy should request a copy of the policy itself for a description of the scope and limitations of coverage The information on this Website is provided for informational purposes only and is not an offer to sell, or a solicitation to buy, any particular insurance product. No insurance product is offered or will be sold in any state in which such offer or solicitation would be unlawful under the laws of such state. Certain products may be offered by AXIS companies not licensed in your state and therefore may only available through a licensed surplus lines broker. Surplus lines insurers do not generally participate in state guaranty funds and insureds are not protected by such finds, and surplus lines insurers are not always subject to the same insurance regulatory standards applicable to licensed insurance companies.


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  • Championing your needs
  • An honest approach
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